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It is the specialty of dentistry that delves into the diagnosis of the stomatognathic system of the human body (head and neck).

These two specialties of dentistry complement each other, the first deals with the tissues surrounding the tooth (bone, gingiva and mucous membranes) and the second, is responsible for placing osseointegration implants to replace lost teeth.

It is the dental specialty that treats the affections of the internal tissues of the tooth (dental nerve or pulp, root and apex). Popularly known as the one that performs the root canal treatments.

It is the specialty of dentistry using advanced technology using fixed or removable appliances of different materials and colors (metallic or ceramic or “invisible”), to correct the pathological or non-functional position of the teeth, improving their aesthetics.


Cad Cam in Dentistry

It is the new technological tool that allows us to design dental prostheses on the computer with a three-dimensional software.

Digital printing

It allows us to register the teeth that need to be rehabilitated. In replacement of printing paste, a small digital camera is used, which captures the images of the teeth and transforms them into a virtual model of the patient's mouth.

Digital smile design

It is a diagnostic and planning protocol for dental treatment that combines the factors of the perfect smile: shape, size, color and position.

Veneers, lenses, or ceramic veneers

The material used for smile design or beautifying the appearance of the tooth is known by several names, but its scientific name is Lithium Disilicate.


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