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Multidisciplinary cases

Orthodontics and oral rehabilitation

Initial of cross-bite treatment

Corrective Ortodoncy


Ceramic veneers E-max.

Corrected occlusal plane

Bite in correct position and aesthetic appearance.

Orthodontics and maxilofacial surgery

Initial of cross-bite treatment

After Maxillofacial Surgery

Endodontics and oral rehabilitation

Nerve and bone affected by cavities.

Root canal treatment

Oral rehabilitation and stability of head, neck and tmj

Tmj or tempo mandibular articulation is the articulation of the jaw in the skull,this area is surrounded by nerves, tendons, muscles and blood vessels that make it fragile and easily committable when the teeth are unstable.

There are numerous cases of men and women with head, neck and back pain who consult general doctors with costly and unusual diagnostic tests , never resolve their pain due to an incomplete diagnosis.
head and neck myalgias and artralges should be specially detected to avoid the chronic intake of anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines that dont provide with permanent results.

There are intra-oral devices or plates with specific designs (according to the alteration found), which provide non-invasive treatment (like surgery) and that return quality of life.
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