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We adopt the innovations and the scientific advances brought by research and new technologies to support our professional work.

Our group of dentists uses state-of- the-art equipment:

Cad Cam in Dentistry

It is the new technological tool that allows us to design dental prostheses on the computer with a three-dimensional software. From the design of the prosthesis, it is elaborated with milling machines, achieving more accurate, efficient and highly esthetic oral rehabilitations.

Digital printing

It allows us to register the teeth that need to be rehabilitated. In replacement of printing paste, a small digital camera is used, which captures the images of the teeth and transforms them into a virtual model of the patient’s mouth. Subsequently the prosthesis is designed on the computer and then the milling process is performed.

Digital smile design

It is a diagnostic and planning protocol for dental treatment that combines the factors of the perfect smile: shape, size, color and position. Through computer simulations the patient is shown of how he would look with the smile he has always dreamed of. This planning decreases and avoids complications, allowing a more complete and accurate diagnosis.

Veneers, lenses, or ceramic veneers

The material used for smile design or beautifying the appearance of the tooth is known by several names, but its scientific name is Lithium Disilicate. It is a type of ceramic that manages to optimally combine aesthetics and resistance. This material produces very thin veneers and micro-veneers, up to 0.3 mm thick, which allow the integrity of the natural tooth to be preserved, without the need to carve it and with high resistance. Its optical properties, very like those of the natural tooth, make the veneers mimic with the teeth and the smile looks very natural, luminous, white and radiant.

¡Your smile for life is waiting!