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Dental rehabilitacion and implants

(hybrid protesis)

Protesis on implants returning artificial gums

Design in CAD-CAM and milling of structure after osseointegration of implants

Test on mouth and confirmation of passive settlement of the structure

Test and approval of teeth design

Finished teeth and finally installed to dental implants

Final teeth superior and inferior with bleach

Protesis on implants that return artificial gums (hybrid protesis) in adult patients that prefer natural look esthetics

Total superior prothesis fractured

Initial state of patient without prothesis

Four superior implants

Reinforcement structure test

Prosthetic screwed to the 4 implants

Natural-looking teeth

Fixed teeth on implants returning natural gums and bone

Initial state after removal of pre-prosthesis

Placement of implants to return missing teeth.

Bone regeneration to return bone lost due to lack of teeth

Pillars screwed to implants

Provisional crowns on implants and teeth

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